About Us

about guashaco


GuaShaco is a beauty brand that is embedded in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we focus on providing and educating a holistic skincare ritual through our premium quality Gua Sha tools that takes care of your overall health and well-being. To ensure a better quality of life for you, and to enhance your self-care journey!

Our Mission

Today, thanks to the fast paced and hectic lifestyle we live in, we may gradually overlook our skin and health. Failing to take a pause and invest in a long term goal for our skin and health. Neglecting it may negatively affect us, emotionally and physically. 

  1. For you, GuaShaco is a place in search for your ultimate 'Zen Self-Care Journey' and to balance the Yin Yang of your overall wellness
  2. To implement efficient and premium beauty tools to improve your everyday lives
  3. To focus on providing long-lasting beauty tools and self-care strategies catered just for you

Our Values

Taking care of our skin and health is an important matter that concerns one’s overall wellness. We value the importance of skincare and health which would ultimately affect our everyday lives activities. 

We believe the secret to your healthy and beautiful skin is hidden in your daily at-home skincare ritual.