How to use Jade Roller on Face

facial roller on face

To all beginner's who are new to a facial rolling, Jade Roller is a great way to enhance your daily skincare ritual. Using the roller on your face is an effective and efficient way to massage your skin tissue, facial muscle and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Our premium 'Xiu' jade stone has a smooth surface which makes it a safe and pleasurable experience for your daily self-care ritual. Nonetheless, like in any ritual, you must follow the correct steps to get the best results.

 Jade Facial Roller

Step 1: Cleanse

Before you put anything on your face, you must start with a clean skin.

During the day, our pores get clogged with outdoor pollution, dust, dirt, and germs from our hands, and so on. Therefore ritual begins with cleansing the 'dust' of the day. This makes sure nothing other than what you intend to put on your face goes in.


If you are rolling in the morning, it is still a great idea to do a gentle cleanse of your face. As a bonus, keep your roller in the fridge overnight to help decrease the puffiness of your skin.


Step 2: Moisturize

Make sure once your skin is clean and ready, to add your favorite moisturizer. Like any massage, your skin will respond and feel better if it’s hydrated correctly.


Step 3: Roll

Now you are ready to give your face a little roll and love. You can either focus on each part of your face at a time, or split your face in half and focus on each half at a time. But no matter how you start, it is important to remember to roll from the middle out. And, as always, try and be gentle with yourself. If the pressure of the stone is too much, it could rupture your capillaries and that could leave marks on your face.

jade facial roller

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The Jade Roller

  1. Standard Ball: De-puffs, calms irritated skin and promotes lymphatic drainage
  2. Ridged Roller: Deep facial massage that enhance blood circulation
  3. Mini Ball: To massage and de-puffs delicate eye area

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Where to begin first? 

Fred not, a Step-by-Step Guide is to your rescue. 

1. Chin & Cheek

Using the large end, roll horizontally towards your hairline. Start at the chin and repeat the movement a few times. Then slowly move up your cheek, rolling from your nose towards your ears. 


 2. Jaw

Because we tend to store a lot of pressure here, this is an area that is worth the extra attention so you could use a bit of extra pressure. With the small end of the stone, massage your jaw using back and forth movements. Repeat until you feel your face,  and jaw joint area feel more more relaxed. Learn more how to naturally reduce double chin.


3. Eyes

Use the small end to softly roll out toward the corners of your eyes and your temples. Start first under your eyes and move up under your brows for the second stroke. Repeat each movement a few times. Learn more how to further reduce your troubled dark eye circles, eye bags, and puffy eyes.


4. Forehead

Using the bigger end of your jade roller, you can start gently with your eyebrows and roll outwards and downwards towards your temples. Continue by rolling upwards from your eyebrows towards your hairline. And finish by rolling from the middle of your forehead towards your ears. Repeat each movement several times.


Step 4: Finish and clean

After your massage, you might feel your skin needs extra moisturizer or that you'd need special skincare, so take your time and decide what works best for you. Once your ritual has been completed, an essential step is to clean your jade roll! Use warm water and soap to make sure you use it on your face every time it's clean and safe for use.

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