How to do Gua Sha with a spoon

gua sha for double chin

This beauty treatment has become very popular in western society, mostly for its benefits for skin health. While there are numerous types of Gua sha tools out there, you might be surprised to find out that this technique can be performed with a spoon as well. Yes, your friendly kitchen tool can now be part of your beauty routine.

You can use a regular tablespoon or a ceramic soup spoon. The most important thing is that the surface is soft, and there are no dents or cracks to damage the skin. And make sure you always clean or disinfect your spoon before and after each treatment.


porcelain spoon

Beginning the Gua Sha treatment

The first step is always cleansing and moisturizing the area. Depending on your skin type, you can apply oil, cream, and or serum to your face. Make sure your skin is well hydrated but don't massage everything into the skin. Extra cream or oil may help the spoon slide better and not irritate the skin.


Treatment areas

Start with your forehead, hold the spoon vertically in line with your nose and scrape with the spoon's edge following and outward and slightly upward motion towards your hairline. Move from the top of your forehead down towards your eyebrows with each stroke. Repeat each stroke 5-10 times.


When you move to the area surrounding the eyes, scrape alongside your eyebrows towards your temples and then do a slight upward movement. If you use a ceramic spoon, use the flat edge for this area. To get more of a lifting effect in this area, use the side of the spoon. Both metal or ceramic can help you scrape up across your eyebrows towards your hairline. Repeat each stroke 5-10 times.


Use the other end of your spoon to gently press and massage in circular strokes the inside points of your eyes. Continue with minimal outward strokes moving down to your nose line. You can use the flat side of the spoon to do a gentle tap rather than a scrape under your eyes, as the skin around this area is susceptible to bruising.


From under your eyes, you can scrape alongside your cheekbone, just tracing under your cheekbone upward towards your temple. Continue to rub in the same direction, moving down towards your Jawline, moving across your lips as well. Repeat each stroke 5-10 times.


For your Jawline, start in the middle of your chin using long strokes, follow your jaw bone to the ear. You may apply extra pressure here if there is a lot of tension in this area. Scrape around your jawbone for 5 to 10 times for each stroke. You can finish each stroke with a gentle wiggle for extra draining massage.


Suppose you have time to make this a daily routine. In that case, it can significantly help your skin's elasticity, glow, eliminate puffiness and toxins from your face, and all in all give you healthier, happier skin.