Gua Sha: How to achieve natural facelift & glowing skin in 2021

gua sha facelift and glowing skin

All you need is a Gua Sha tool

Have you wonder why use Gua Sha on your Face? Facial Gua Sha treatment has gradually gained popularity recently due to its natural healing properties and effective results, which aids in achieving a more sculpted appearance and Glowing Skin.

Gua Sha is an effective way to encourage lymphatic drainage and blood circulation on our face. Using the Gua Sha tool that is made of natural stone of healing properties such as Jade and Rose Quartz, and gently massage the face with it.

Overall, it boosts one’s overall well-being and brings lightness to the mind and soul.

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Natural Facelift & Glowing Skin

Be Patient!

For sure, no one wants to have a dull and saggy skin. With regular performance of the process of facial Gua Sha, the muscles will gradually become relaxed, more sculpted and glowing.

With consistent and continuous effort, this ancient and natural facial massage will bring forth your healthy and glowing complexion. It is an effective and affordable alternative in getting a facelift that is natural, without any chemical injection.

The Right Technique

The importance of having the right Gua Sha technique will help quicken and more effectively enhance the benefits of Gua Sha to you.


Use Gua Sha stone, either the Jade or Rose Quartz Facial Roller as each material has natural healing properties to benefit your health and skin.

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Always, prep your skin before the Gua Sha Facial massage, with either Face Mist, Moisturizer or Face Oil. You should gently massage your skin with firm stroking motion in a specific direction for different facial areas. Ensure that the Gua Sha stone strokes should be in the right direction where you would want your skin to be lifted. Furthermore, having a slow and gentle process would help better facilitate blood flow in the facial tissues.


After the Gua Sha Facial massage, it is important to stay indoors or do light activity for a minimum of 30 mins. Light activities such as reading, having a cup of warm tea, deep breathing exercises or stretching exercises would be great. This is also a beneficial way to enhance your self-care practice by taking care of your well-being.

 Below is a Face map that helps you to better carry out the Gua Sha Facial massage for different facial areas.

gua sha face map

Tips for Facial Gua Sha

    1. Ensure the Gua Sha tone is almost level with your skin (around 15 degrees) for a smooth and gentle facial massage.
    2. If you feel that the stone is pulling your skin, add a little more oil or moisturizer for a better glide.
    3. Apply gentle pressure, with upwards lifting motion from the center of your face and out towards the hairline.
    4. At the hairline, Stop and lightly press the stone to better stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood flow.
    5. Avoid using Gua Sha on inflamed pimple. However, you may do Facial Gua Sha once the inflamed pimples are cleared as to help break down scar tissues and prevents hormonal breakouts.