How to use Gua Sha for Eye bags, Puffy eyes and Dark circles

eye bags, puffy eyes, dark circles

In today’s society, most people are dealing with many lifestyle factors that cause their eyes to become swollen. Apart from skin aging, drinking too much alcohol, being sleep deprived, and eating a highly-processed diet can contribute to the degradation of the tissues and muscles around our eyes, and eyelids.


But luckily, the latest buzz in the health and wellness industry refers to Gua Sha as one of the most effective massages for tackling dark circles and puffy eyes. During the treatment, the facial skin is intensively massaged and revitalized with a smooth quartz stone or jade roller. Fans of the method swear by the stimulating and detoxifying effect of the massage, which leads to a firmer and fresh complexion. So if you’re someone who is struggling with puffiness and bags under your eyes, this is our step-by-step guide to experience the best facial Gua Sha massage:

Step-By-Step Guide

Clean Face

For anyone who wants to benefit fully from Gua Sha, it is essential to always start with a cleansing and washing routine. When you properly wash your faces, you are making the skin more luminous, leaving it softer, more elastic, and helping to work facial features, especially in the region of the face, chin, cheekbones, and forehead. Also, the cleansing motion will stimulate skin collagen and prepare your face for proper lymphatic drainage.

Prep your Skin

After cleaning your face, gently apply cream or oil to your face and neck. For better results, place your jade roller in the fridge before use. The coolness, combined with the Jade stone's lightweight, will help your skin detoxify and reduce puffiness in your eyes once applied on your face.

The eye area is problematic and sensitive for many of us, so it’s essential to administer this massage with the right massage tools. We would often recommending a premium quality Gua Sha Set tool that would effectively improve your overall appearance of eye area and reduce your eye bags, puffy eyes, and dark circles. We would definitely share our Imperial Jade Deluxe Kit, that is made with natural and authentic 'Xiu' Jade. It has precise tools for different parts of your face. For the eye area, it would be Jade Eye Massage Mushroom, Jade Gua Sha Tool, and Jade Roller. 

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Before using gua sha stones over your face and neck area, except for a Jade roller, please make sure you touch the skin only with the smooth and soft parts.


The way to tackle your delicate eye area is similar on How to Use Gua Sha for Face. To tackle the damaged lymph nodes located in the face, head, and neck, using a steady rhythm to stimulate the outflow of the lymph from the tissue can work magic. The lymph's accumulations are usually pretty close under the skin, so gently go over your forehead, cheeks, around the lip and neck area.


If you have puffy eyes, close them and massage the whole area under. Move the tool from the inner corner of your eyes to the base of your ear. Repeat the same movements on the area above the eyelids and your forehead for a few times. To experience full lymphatic drainage, perform the massage by continuing the strokes down to your neck.


The normal flow of lymph fluid is towards the heart, so you should always glide in one direction. The movements should also be from the center of your face to your ears, or up to down to experience the full benefits of Gua Sha. The main principle behind using gentle pressure on this whole area is to help move extra fluid away from your face, neck, and head. 

Finish up

After finishing up, try and take some time to rest as soon you clean up the massage tool with lukewarm water and soap. Gua Sha relieves face tension and helps reduce swelling, so avoid any strenuous physical activities.