How to use Gua Sha for Double Chin

gua sha for double chin

Troubled with Double Chin? Want to Naturally Get Rid of Double Chin? Have you heard of Gua Sha? Well, let us share with you, How to use Gua Sha for Double Chin...

Depending on the way you position your head, there is always an additional fold under the chin that pops up, and we call that a double chin. And while some people don't care that much about it, for some, this fold comes with a lot of mental distress.

A double chin can result from obesity or genetic predisposition, food intolerance, thyroid diseases, or excessive consumption of alcohol. Still, it can also show an excess of salt or sugar in your diet.

Nonetheless, suppose you have a pronounced double chin with average body weight. In that case, you can also successfully use the famous Chinese scraping massage technique, Gua Sha, to help you sculpt it without resorting to cosmetic surgery. 

 Gua Sha for Double Chin

Gua Sha for Double Chin

As an Natural and Easy at-home remedy, Gua Sha works wonders for your facial contour. So if you're interested in relieving muscle tension, regain elasticity around your neck and chin area, tone your facial muscles, and drain your lymphatic tissue all around your face, following these instructions step by step maybe your best option.

Before starting the massage, make sure you are sitting in an upright posture. It doesn't matter whether you are standing, moving, or sitting; the only important thing is that your neck is straight.


How to get rid of Double Chin

Before starting Gua Sha, ensure that your skin is hydrated with facial oil or moisturizer.

Starting from the middle of your chin, move with upward movements toward one side of your earlobe. To fully support the lymph flow and reduce any swelling, slowly sweep from the middle of your chin to the base of your ears just above the jawline. With small to medium pressure, ensure that the process is slow and steady. 

Afterwards, using a Facial Jade Roller to properly massage your chin area and the whole neck area under it. 

Roll it along the jawline and rest of your face, and not only might it contour your features, but it also releases stored tension in your facial muscles.

To combat sagging skin, you can also massage different points in your lower part of your face with your hands. 

To further enhance your Gua Sha experience, you may also want to learn more on how to use gua sha on your face. 

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So is Gua Sha really effective?

Yes, it is!

As a direct result of applying this routine, the skin will be better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and look fresh. You will also improve your blood circulation and create an immediate skin lift at the same time.

Gua Sha not only reduces puffiness that appears due to facial muscle tension in the face but also drains and stagnant lymph fluid. 


Post Treatment

After the treatment, the skin on the whole area you massaged can absorb the active ingredients from masks, ampoules, creams, or lotions much better. Light vegetable oils (including olive oil) and baby oils, without paraffin oil, are recommended to be applied on your jawline, chin, and neck as soon as the massage is over. Immediate effects should be seen and quickly felt after your first season.  So take at least 10 minutes until you jump back to your daily chores and lie, face-up, in bed.

The great thing about this technique is that you can do it at any time of the day. See the difference it makes, try and take before and after pictures of your cheeks, and see for yourself how great Gua Sha is.