Will Gua Sha cause breakouts?

Will Gua Sha cause breakouts?

Gua Sha and Facial Rollers have taken the internet by storm. Everyone wants to try out the new skincare technique, which claims to improve your skin and be a relaxing process at the same time. After all, rubbing a cold stone to your face should be harmless, right?

While the beauty gurus and influencers are rolling the stone on their faces, some people are worried about triggering acne. Is breaking out after using Gua Sha normal?

What does Gua Sha do for your skin?

Gua Sha is known to be natural Botox. Gua Sha is a workout for your face that relaxes the facial muscles and encourages lymphatic drainage to flush out the toxins. The result is glowing, firmer skin. Many users claim they feel the difference within one use. Plus, the tingling sensation left by the massage is relaxing and can cure any headaches. 

Can Gua Sha cause acne?

Most users do not experience any acne or breakouts after using Gua Sha. However, if you experience a breakout, it is normal as Gua Sha is more of a cleansing process. 

Gua Sha works on the outer and inner layers of the skin. It is very effective in clearing your skin out and getting rid of acne. However, it is not recommended to use Gua Sha on active pimples as it will irritate your skin, causing more damage. If you still experience breakouts after using Gua Sha after a while, your skin may be too sensitive for Gua Sha. 

Gua Sha and Acne: Possible Causes of Acne

If you experience acne or break out after Gua Sha, another potential reason is an allergic reaction to your face oil. We would recommend you to use a serum or moisturiser that you have been using for a while and works well for your skin. Avoid trying new skincare products when trying out Gua Sha for the first time. 

Detoxification from the Gua Sha process may be another reason for your breakout. Detoxification is the removal of waste naturally. It transfers the debris and toxins from the inner layers of the skin to the outer layers. Hence, it is normal to experience acne after Gua Sha. 

If you are experiencing a breakout from using Gua Sha, you can take additional care of yourself by watching your diet and getting enough sleep. Avoid oily and spicy food as they may also cause acne. 

Certain medications and steroids can also trigger acne. If you are taking some medicines while trying Gua Sha, they might interfere with the treatment.

Tips to prevent breakouts

Breakout post Gua Sha can be prevented. Follow these simple tips to avoid acne. 

  • The Gua Sha tool is not supposed to be rolled over existing acne. Avoid using Gua Sha on active pimples to prevent further irritation.
  • Clean the Gua Sha tools thoroughly before and after use. You may use water and a gentle soap or facial cleanser to clean the Gua Sha. Always dry the Gua Sha completely before storing it in a clean bag. It is also recommended to keep your Gua Sha tools in the fridge to enhance their effects. 
  • Do not wash your face with cool water right after Gua Sha.
  • Drink a glass of warm water after the treatment to enhance blood circulation and replenish your body after it has removed toxins from the body.
  • Check your face oil and creams. Mixing certain skincare products can also trigger acne. Perform a patch test to see if you are allergic to any ingredients in your skincare products.

It is perfectly normal to have acne, it is a sign that your skin is trying to push impurities and toxins out of the system.