Jade Roller: The Best Solution to under Eye bags and Dark Circles

jade roller to reduce eye bags and dark circles

Under eye bags and dark circles have proven to be quite a problem for many people. You’ve probably tried every tip or treatment you’ve found on the Internet, but those stubborn issues don’t seem to be going anywhere. You continuously have to cover everything with concealer, which makes every morning routine a total drag.

That being said, more and more beauty salons have included the jade roller in their usual treatment. And while they do look fancy, you can’t help but wonder: do they actually work? How does this small tool help me?



How Are Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, and Eye Bags Formed?

Under eye bags, often accompanied by dark circles and puffiness of the eye, are quite a common issue for both men and women. This condition that makes you look continuously tired and older can be caused by a variety of factors inflammation and poor blood circulation around the eyes being one of the main causes.

Dehydration and water retention can also be a cause for eye bags, causing your muscles to store much more water. You may call them your body’s “emergency water stock,” so to speak. Allergies might also be a cause – reactions causing your body to release toxins that further puffs your eyes.


Do Jade Rollers Help with Eye Bags?

Yes, the jade roller can help with eye bags, provided you use it regularly. Its purpose is of de-puffing your eyes, reducing the inflammation leading to your under-eye circles. Therefore, it gives you a much more rested look through natural means.


Do Jade Rollers Help with Dark Circles?

Just like with eye bags, a jade roller might also help with dark circles. When your blood circulation is clogged or poor, the blood vessels underneath your eyes will become more prominent – causing that darkness that constantly needs concealer. The jade roller will put that blood in motion, reducing the visibility of the blood vessels – and therefore, relieving your dark circles.


How Does This Technique Work with Dark Circles and Eye Bags?

Jade rollers apply just the right pressure on your skin, breaking down fluid retention and improving blood circulation. This technique will soothe your facial skin, relieving the tension, and reducing the inflammation.

Simply put, jade rollers will help your skin go through a detox, allowing your temporary imperfections to heal faster and toning your skin. The effect will be a glowing skin and a natural beauty that you will be able to show off without makeup.


Wrap Up

There are various benefits for jade rollers – so, if you have the opportunity to purchase one, you should try it out. Bear in mind that if you want the treatment to be effective, you should use it on a regular basis.