How Do Gua Sha for Cellulite?

gua sha help reduce cellulite

Cellulite. You're probably very familiar with this word. Cellulite is primarily a cosmetics issue, but it has a lot to do with ideals of beauty, self-perception, and lifestyle in our modern society. Numerous studies have shown that in more than 80 percent of the women examined - regardless of age, cellulite is visible.


And truth be told, now more than ever, the pressure to look great is high! So what can you do if you want to look amazing and use a natural method to tackle this problem? You can try Gua Sha tools for your cellulite!


Gua sha is a massage technique of Chinese origin that promises to bring benefits not only for the skin but also for overall well-being and health. Performed with Jade rollers or flat Gua Sha tools made of different materials, this massage can enhance lymphatic drainage and decrease swelling in your body. The Gua Sha is ideal for stimulating your blood circulation and promoting wound healing. Overall, it also helps active ingredients in your skincare products penetrate the skin deeper and have a longer, lasting effect.

So this is our step-by-step guide to truly rip off the benefits that Gua Sha has to offer:

Step-By-Step Guide:

Before each massage session, prepare your skin by rinsing it gently and applying body oil or cream on the area you want to focus on. You can also administer the strokes without using any ointments, but if you want to avoid any bruising, it's indicated to lubricate the whole area.


You can also use this technique while showering where you can comb your thighs, belly, or back of your arms. You can choose what works best for you!


While performing big sweeps on the area affected by cellulite, lymphatic drainage toxins are actually transported out of the tissue. Because of this, press and stroke your massage tool firmly against your skin until you notice a red flush of circulation appearing on the surface.


The applied pressure on the areas affected by cellulite is also said to do a lot of good with its acupressure-like effect. By stroking your problematic areas with the massage tool, you stimulate blood circulation. And, at the same time, any stagnant fluid is flushed out of this area.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Jade roller also awakens the life energy ("Chi") in your meridians and dissolves energy blockages. The meridians run from the front of the body over the back. When massaging with the jade comb or Gua Sha stone, you can follow these lines to stimulate the flow of energy and release toxic blockages. From all 12 meridians, the most sensitive one is the stomach meridian. So in case, you have any accumulated fat around this area, avoid applying any pressure while sweeping. Gently move the tool across your abdominal area, starting from your belly button to your rib cage. To boost micro-circulation, reduce cellulite lines, break down the fat, and repeat the movements at least one minute in each area.


After finishing up the massage, you can lubricate the area with extra oil and cream and try to rest your body for at least 10 minutes. All in all, the most important thing is for you to have the time to see how your body reacts to this massage better and find a massage routine that works best for you.