Gua Sha and Rosacea

Gua Sha and Rosacea

Many beauty gurus and influencers are heavily promoting Gua Sha. Jade rollers and Gua Sha stone tools have become an essential in most skincare routines. Gua Sha has proved to be effective in solving common problems such as dull skin, acne, fine lines, and even cellulite.
Since Gua Sha can alleviate many skin problems, let’s find out if it can clear up rosacea.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a massage technique that has been used for thousands of years. It involves using a flat tool made from jade or rose quartz to scrape the skin. These crystals are used to increase blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage to remove toxins from the body. Other than Gua Sha stones, these crystals can be used in the form of facial rollers.
The idea behind the ancient practice is to correct the qi (energy) imbalances in your body. The yin and yang should be balanced. Gua Sha also has health benefits and is an effective remedy for back pain, neck pain, headache, and cellulite.
After your first Gua Sha massage, you will notice a healthy glow on your face. Your face will look depuffed, brighter. Over time, Gua Sha sculpts your face and gives it a more chiseled look.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition in which the skin on your cheeks appears red. In some cases, there are bumps on the forehead. As such, there is no cure for rosacea. However, Gua Sha can mitigate the symptoms of rosacea, and reduce the frequency of flare ups. The skin affected by rosacea feels warm, itchy, and tender. For some people, Gua Sha can help ease this discomfort.

Does Gua Sha reduce Rosacea?

On the internet, you may come across contradictory claims. As everyone’s skin is different, what works for somebody might not work for another person. Hence, it is all about finding what works best for your own skin.

  • Gua Sha tools can be made of Jade or Rose Quartz. They are cool to the touch and have a calming effect on the skin. If done correctly, Gua Sha can soothe the itchiness and warmness caused by rosacea.
  • The coolness can relieve redness and the overall feeling of discomfort from rosacea. With the right technique and consistent usage, Gua Sha can provide you with beauty benefits such as a healthy glow and a more sculpted face.
  • However, it is not recommended to not use Gua Sha on existing flare ups or acne breakouts. It is likely to irritate your skin more. If you have inflamed skin, you should also be careful with Gua Sha.
  • People with hypersensitive skin or easily irritated skin might want to avoid using Gua Sha. Using a facial roller might be gentler and Rose Quartz is known to be suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin.
  • Always ensure your skin is in a stable state before attempting Gua Sha.
  • Before doing it yourself, we recommend watching tutorial videos to ensure you are using the right technique and not tugging on your skin unnecessarily.
  • Always apply an oil or moisturiser before using Gua Sha on your face. Use your preferred moisturiser to prevent your skin from reacting to trying new products.
  • Ensure that the tools you are using are made from real jade or rose quartz crystals. Fake products will irritate your skin and cause more damage to your skin. At Guashaco, we assure you that our products are made of 100% natural crystals. It is normal for Gua Sha stones to have slight differences and inconsistencies in appearance and color due to the nature of these crystals. All the products from Guashaco will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Although there has been no cure for rosacea yet, Gua Sha can alleviate the symptoms of rosacea if it is used currently.