Does Gua Sha Stimulate Collagen?

gua sha stimulate collagen

Once you get to a certain point in your life, you reach the conclusion that your skin no longer has that natural, younger-looking vibe that it used to have. Your firm face now has sagging facial muscles, wrinkles, and seems to have lost its glowing complexion. Thankfully, ancient Chinese culture has brought Gua Sha to us – a face scrapping and massaging technique that is supposed to increase collagen production.


What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein in your body – one that takes up about 75% of the protein quantity in the skin. This protein is responsible for giving your body more structure – practically connecting your ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, and skin. You can practically call it the glue that holds everything together. The word originates from the word “kola,” which means collagen.

The problem is that as you advance further in life, your collagen production also begins to decrease. Your body is no longer able to process protein in the way that it used to, which means that the “glue” is suddenly beginning to break down. It can no longer keep your skin plump, which gives you that aged and tired appearance.


How Does Gua Sha Stimulate Collagen?

Guasha has been deemed a treatment that can keep your skin nice and plump without having to resort to plastic surgery or other invasive procedures. No matter if you use scraping stones or the jade roller, gua sha can stimulate the collagen production and make you look a few years younger.

For one, gua sha can improve blood circulation. In order for the collagen to flow healthily, your body also needs to have healthy blood flow. When the blood does not flow properly, your skin looks tired, you get eyebags and premature wrinkles.

However, since the guasha technique works pretty much as a facial massage to improve the blood flow, the result will be that of a face lift. It will reduce puffiness, tone the sagging facial muscles, and overall give you that brighter skin tone that you so desire.


The Bottom Line

In the end, gua sha can make your skin look younger and healthy with its ability to stimulate collagen production.

Bear in mind that for the treatment to be effective, you need to combine it with a healthy diet. This way, you can stimulate collagen production from within and give your skin a natural and healthy glow.