Does Gua Sha help to reduce appearance of double chin

gua sha reduce double chin

Double chins are something that we can all experience, no matter if we have a small frame or not. You may not have any extra pounds on you – but if your skin lost its elasticity and your jawline doesn’t seem to help either, then you may find yourself in a point where your jawline is protruding at the most embarrassing moments. Still, one technique that seems to have gained a lot of popularity for your skin is gua sha and the jade roller.

An ancient technique dating back to Chinese culture, Gua Sha is a skin scraping technique that has been used as a treatment for facial contours and promoting lymphatic drainage. As it gives your face a massage, it also boosts blood flow and improves the elasticity of your facial skin.


Does Gua Sha Help with Double Chin?

Double chins are formed when there is a loss of definition in the jawbone and soft tissue appears under the skin. There are quite a few reasons why they are formed: either by the formation of fat tissue under the chin for overweight people or because of bone deficiency.

Since gua sha helps lymphatic fluids flow better, the skin regains its proper functioning of moving the fat and either burning or distributing it throughout the body. This way, the aspect of a more chiseled chin (sans the double layer) may be achieved.


gua sha reduce double chin

Do Jade Rollers Help with Double Chin?

Since the jade stone is naturally cool, it is the perfect choice when you want to tighten the jawline and improve the tonus of your face. However, you need to regularly apply strokes on your neck, cheeks, and chin every night for at least 30 minutes to obtain visible results. To see your progress, you might want to take before and after pictures every two weeks.


How Does It Help?

Unlike other treatments such as surgery that can help you reduce puffiness under your chin, gua sha is completely natural. The roll and scrape action of guasha will improve the blood flow in your chin, cutting down the water retention and breaking down the fat. It will also improve your muscle firmness, making it a good remedy for those that have sagging facial muscles.


The Bottom Line

In the end, it works similarly to neck exercises. It can boost elasticity and promote drainage of the lymph nodes to the point where you can enjoy a nice, chiseled skin from head to toe.