Does Gua Sha help release toxins

gua sha release toxins

Did you ever feel like you couldn’t shake off the sensation of being ill? Does your skin constantly look tired and swollen, with your body acting like it can’t handle even the easiest tasks? Well, this might happen because you have toxins building up in your body.

Under normal circumstances, the toxins would be released through sweat and other waste-relieving properties. Still, sometimes, those toxins become trapped in your lymphatic system and your organs, with an inability to be removed. This is why more and more people are using Gua Sha nowadays to give themselves a detox.

This deep tissue massage is able to dig deep into your “toxin pouches” and release them out of your body.


Does Gua Sha Help with Detoxing?

Gua Sha has been used in traditional Chinese culture as a method of detoxing your body. This technique involves vigorously scraping your body so that the toxins are released and directed out of the body.

Unlike other forms of detoxing, gua sha is gentler, with very small chances of bruising (particularly around the face). Its purpose is to break down the fat and promote other mediums to release the toxins. You will treat both your face and the rest of your body, giving yourself a detox from the inside-out.

The result is a clear skin that is less prone to breakouts, a healthier glow, and less inflammation happening in your body. With the toxins gone, you would no longer feel drained and you should be more refreshed.


gua sha release toxins

How Does Gua Sha Help in Releasing Toxins?

The skin scraping technique known as guasha can release toxin by breaking down the toxin buildups underneath the surface of the skin. This will help drain lymphatic tissue – the exact place where toxins are generally stored. Once the toxins are released and flushed out of your body, you will no longer feel their drain.

Plus, aside from the ability to improve lymphatic drainage, gua sha can also release blockages with every stroke. It can improve blood circulation and increase your metabolic system functions, having the ability to flush off the trapped toxins much faster than normal.

Plus, unlike other massages, gua sha tools can reach much deeper into your skin and release the toxic-heat from your body. You may use it to massage your face and various other areas on your body, bringing numerous benefits for your overall health.