Does Gua Sha help reduce acne?

gua sha reduce acne

When you are struggling with acne, you are probably desperate to try pretty much everything there is on the market. You try masks, you try medication, perhaps you even try changing your diet so that you may address the problem internally. However, just when it seems like things are about to clear up, there comes another zit to ruin your day. At this point, it barely seems that there are any “clear days” on your face anymore.

Enter Gua Sha – a technique that has been shown to improve the condition of your skin through massage and scraping the skin.


How Is Acne Formed?

There are various types of acne, each of them of different causes. Some may blame acne on their hormones and the things they eat – but in most cases, acne is a result of a clogged pore. We have the whitehead and the blackhead, both types of acne that are not inflamed – and then we have papules and pustules, the types of pimples resulted from hair follicles that are inflamed, red, and filled with white pus.

Acne forms when the skin is no longer able to breathe through the pores. Mixed with the low blood circulation of your face that makes your skin look oily, you end up having clogged pores more often – an action that can often lead to breakouts. To prevent these breakouts, you need to ensure that your pores remain as clear as possible.


 How Can Gua Sha Help with Acne?

GuaSha is an ancient Chinese technique that uses stone scraping tools on your skin, improving your blood circulation, and basically stimulating your epidermis to become much healthier. It works pretty much like a jade roller, in the sense that it encourages lymphatic drainage and reduces inflammation. Because of this, it can help with acne as it helps the skin stay clear.

Moreover, during a guasha massage, the technique performs pretty much like a sweeper that goes underneath your skin. Its function is like clearing the septic system of your skin – it is a form of detox and clears the pores if you move it in the right direction to remove the waste.

Obviously, when the waste is no longer there, the pores will not get clogged and skin congestion will no longer be formed. A similar result can be achieved when you exfoliate the dead skin cell away with a mask.


Plus, gua sha can stimulate and optimize the blood flow, allowing for the dirt to be removed much easier. The result here is fewer blackheads, fewer pimples, and fewer dermal problems.

Gua Sha can be a great treatment to clear your skin and brighten it – as long as you also have a good skincare routine and healthy diet. If you are in need of cleansing, then you should certainly try it.