Can Gua Sha help in Weight Loss?

gua sha help in weight loss

We all know that the process of losing weight is not an easy one. However, certain techniques out there such as Gua Sha (also referred to as guasha) can make the process much smoother.

This technique that involves using a tool to scrape the skin to relieve tension and pain has also gained quite a bit of popularity for weight loss. Are there any grounds for it – and if so, how can this technique help you lose weight? This article will serve as your guide.


How Gua Sha Aids in Losing Weight

Weight loss without any changes to your lifestyle and your diet cannot happen miraculously – but if you mix it with Gua Sha, it has shown to be quite effective. To put it simply, when you scrape the tool across your skin, it will allow your blood to flow more smoothly through the muscle and the tissues – reducing the inflammation.

If the problem areas are tackled correctly, this change in blood flow will pretty much activate your body, allowing you to burn more calories as you are going through the day. These changes in your blood flow can also improve the way in which your body digests the food.

The scraping movement of Gua Sha will also help smooth the skin by breaking down the fat buildups causing cellulite. It will improve the texture of your skin, toning it while distributing the fat evenly throughout your body, giving that slimming effect. Since the fat is no longer trapped, it will be much easier for you to shed it off as the skin will tighten.


gua sha weight loss

Is Gua Sha Effective for Weight Loss?

Provided you use it together with a healthy diet and lifestyle, Gua Sha can be very effective for weight loss. People use it mostly to get rid of fat around the belly and thighs, as that is the place where cellulite tends to build up the most. It also works with your face wrinkles on the same basis.

Plus, by boosting the blood flow around the abdominal area and enabling lymphatic drainage, a Gua Sha massage can help reduce your appetite and improve your digestion.


Most Effective Scraping Areas for Weight Loss

Are you intrigued? Here are some of the body areas that are most effective for you to apply the Gua Cha technique.

  • The Bl-23 Senshu: Found in your lower back, this area encompasses the muscles on either side of your back.
  • Ren17 Danzog: This area is found in the middle of the chest area, leveled with the 4th rib (or where men generally have their nipple level).
  • ST-25 Tianshu: These are multiple areas around your belly button, about 3 fingers outwards on either side.
  • Ren-4 Guanyuam: This area is found somewhere around midway between your perineum bone and your belly button.
  • Sp-6 Sanyinjiao: This area goes about four fingers from the inside of your ankle to the soft muscle found around the tibia.
  • ST-36 Zusanli: This scraping area is found about four fingers underneath the knee, in the muscle near the tibia.
  • ST-40 Fenglong: Halfway across your lower leg, in the larger muscle area.

Gua Cha can help improve your body’s blood circulation to the point where it can lead to weight loss. Therefore, if you have the chance to join a treatment session, you should take advantage of it.