What is Holistic Skincare?

holistic skincare

What exactly is Holistic Skincare?

Ask yourself this, is Holistic Skincare just about placing natural, organic, and luxurious skincare products to your skin?

So, what is it? – I believe that Holistic approach to skincare is based on Your Lifestyle.

Holistic skincare is not just about organic and luxurious skincare.

It is about having an extensive approach to balance your lifestyle habits and behaviour through self-care, which would provide you a holistic benefit towards your health and skin.

It is important to understand and opt for what is best for your body and skin that would overall improve your health and skin.


5 Main Approach to a Holistic Skincare

Consume ‘Beauty Food’ for glowing skin

Have you consumed your ‘Beauty Food’ often? Being aware of what you consume is just as important as to what skin care product you apply on your skin. What we consume would affect not just our health, but our skin too.

Having a healthier and well-balanced gut, would benefit your overall health, and your skin to glow, stay hydrated, and supple. People with poor gut, may lead to inflammation and irritated skin.

It is important to consume food that are high with antioxidants, proper fibre, and healthy fats.

High Antioxidant food – Aid in defending cells from damage caused by harmful free radicals which increases the risk of chronic diseases. These ‘beauty food’ are loaded with antioxidants, example is, blueberries, dark chocolates, goji berries, dark green vegetables. 

Proper Fiber – Aid in improving your gut health and help balance blood sugar levels. Fiber-rich foods include beans, chia seeds, whole wheat pasta or bread, lentil, nuts and seeds.

Healthy Fats – Not all fats are unhealthy. Healthy fats are great in countering bad cholesterol and boost your immune system. Rich in Health fat foods include Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, avocados, cheese, extra virgin olive oil.


Practice Self-Care

Making Self-care activities into practice and eventually habits are important in achieving a holistic approach to skincare.

In general, the definition of self-care is about a conscious act in promoting one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. However, it is important to know that self-care is not just about pampering yourself. There are five types of self-care: Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual and Professional Care.

You may ask – How does practicing self-care aid in your holistic approach towards skincare?

When you take good care of yourself and include self-care activities into your daily lives, your overall health and well-being would improve, and gradually your skin too.

These are a few Self-Care practices that you may opt for based on your preference.


Keep a Journal

Journaling is a simple yet effective way to keep track of your lifestyle choices, it may be the food you consume, the skincare products that you apply, how these inputs affected you or how you feel throughout the day.

By keeping track daily, you are able to realise patterns or habits that may cause your abrupt breakouts, inflamed and sensitive skin to occur.


Prioritise beauty sleep

Beauty Sleep is often heard to be the reason for one’s glowing skin.

Lack of sleep result in dull skin, dark circles and may negatively impact your health as you lose concentration during the day. Worse, it may increase level of cortisol and stress hormones in your body that would lead to more inflamed skin.

Sleeping helps in rejuvenating and regenerating your skin, which benefits your skin. As for health, you wouldn’t want to lose your focus during the day at work or school, right?


Skincare Tools

As we mentioned, Holistic Skincare approach is not just about what you apply on your skin. One way to enhance your daily skincare routine to achieve that brightening, glowing and sculpted skin would be through using skincare tools.

The GuaShaco Essential Wellness Kit is ideal for beginners who are new to using Gua Sha. This beauty tool is luxurious yet affordable to many, as it has effective results in giving that glow and well-lifted skin that you have always wish for. Discover the Oriental Beauty Secrets of this ancient and beautiful Chinese Skincare tool, you would not want to miss that!

For more information and understanding of what is Gua Sha, do check out our blogs.


Reach out for help

It is perfectly normal if you would want to voice out for help. At times, we need that helping hand in life to guide us to the correct path. Reaching out to other to ask for help is not a weakness – with our current society, many are reluctant to ask for help as they believe it is a sign for weakness.

But, do you know, asking is a sign of strength and humanness. People around you will feel more comfortable to approach you in the future for assistance or when times of need. Sometimes, it may also appear that you are confident and authentic to others which may lead to potential opportunities.

Hence, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to others. People will be more often to help you and they would also feel validated (approaching them for help would make them feel you value their assistance or opinions).


Get outdoor

Take the opportunity to step out for a walk, jog or hang out with your friends to enjoy the fresh air. It is ideal for your mental health which would promote positive energy. You definitely need it!



Remember there is no right or wrong in one’s self-care routine, everyone is different. However, do practice sustainable and healthy self-care habits, which benefits your health and well-being as a whole.

A friendly self-care quote, ‘Self-care: doing the things that make you feel more like yourself’.


Educate Yourself

Knowledge is key, educate yourself with what your health and skin need.

Protect your skin from Sun Exposure

Over exposure from the sun can lead to sunspots, premature aging of skin, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, or worse, skin cancer.

Wearing SPF Suncreen daily protects your skin from harmful UV rays which would reduce the likelihood of sunburn. Recommended SPF of at least 30 would be ideal to protect your skin.

Do yourself a favour, and always wear SPF when you go out.


Avoid Harsh Cleansers

For a healthy-looking skin, it is important to cleanse your skin twice a day. Cleansing is often neglected; however, it is actually an important step of any skincare routine. The right cleanser will lift impurities off your skin from the dirt and oil that was built up on your face during the day.

Hence, it is important to find the right cleanser that matches and caters to your skin.

  1. Choose gentle cleansers that does not make your skin feel tight
  2. Opt for cleansers that does not contain alcohol, fragrance, or dye
  3. Opt for Soap-free cleansers that has milder ingredients which does not deplete your skin’s oil


Skincare Blogs

Cultivate your understanding towards Health and Beauty through insightful sharing of skincare tips, benefits, and guide towards achieving a Holistic Skincare and create your perfect skin care routine.

For an example, you may be a new and clueless to the above-mentioned skincare tool, Gua Sha. Visit our blogs to read up on How to do Facial Gua Sha, the Benefits of Gua Sha and Everything you want to know about Gua Sha.

We also found a great skin care blog that you may also take a look.

You will find informative and beneficial tips for your concerns.


Skincare Ingredient Checker

How will you know which skincare product is right for you or how to know whether your skincare ingredient is safe?

From an article by Byrdie, from sited by Kenneth Howe, MD, "Today’s beauty consumer is more concerned than ever before about what, exactly, is in the products they’re putting on their skin.  The days of blind compliance—when a person just used whatever the “experts” told them to use—are long over," says Howe. "So to understand what’s in a product, the bottom line is the ingredient label."

Here comes the skincare ingredient checker that comes in handy. CosDNA is a popular database that breaks down the list of ingredients that is in your beauty product. They also rate each ingredient based on their functionality, UV, acne irritant, and safety. The rating goes from zero to five – of course, the lower the better.


Reduce Stress

In our daily lives, stress is inevitable and often not properly managed. And knowing that someone is stress is not hard to tell. Yes, stress shows on your skin!

Some visible stress signals are acne flare-ups, rashes, hair loss, worsen skin conditions such as rosacea.

When you are stress, our brain immediate signals to our body and releases cortisol which increases your oil production and negatively affects our immune system.

“Hey, just stress less”. This is a common advice yet difficult to achieve. Hence, we must find our own ways to deal with stress that caters and bring ease to you. Hence, simple ways such as mediation, breathing exercise, exercise, listening to music or other activities which would aid in reducing your stress levels and bring ease to you.

Not forgetting, the above-mentioned Self-care practices.



Often, we hear people say that exercising improves one’s health, but did you know it is also beneficial for your skin?

Exercise help ease stress and regulate the bad stress hormone cortisol that is responsible for causing acne breakouts and inflammations on your skin. It is good to sweat a little to clear out toxins in your body and skin. This promotes better sleep, which your skin will thank you later.

Hence, exercising is key to detoxify your body. Exercise for 30 minutes daily, would be ideal to get rid of impurities and toxin in your body. It does not have to be a vigorous workout – go for a run, yoga, skipping, playing a sport, take a brisk walk will be substantial.



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