How to choose the best material and shape for Gua Sha tool

gua sha material

From centuries, Gua Sha tool is being used as an organic way to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. Yet with the recent spike in its popularity in the west, women are keen to know more about this extraordinary tool that promises glowing smooth skin. Along with its interesting structure and benefits, one more hot debate related to the Gua Sha tool is which stone is the best to use in a Gua Sha tool.

The traditional Chinese community used gemstones with various benefits as per the skin type of every individual. Jade and rose quartz are two of the most popular stones used in Gua Sha tool. However, there are many other options you can explore. Here is a complete list of materials that can be used in Gua Sha tools to acquire various benefits.

Bian Stone

The rare bian stones are not easy to find and hence are rare. However, you will be sure of the authenticity of the Gua Sha tool made of this obsidian stone as they were used even in the ancient Chinese practices.

  • Among all the other precious stones, Bian has the highest rate of electronic pulses that is the best to create a flow within the skin.
  • One of the heaviest stones as well as compare to other stones used for Gua Sha.
  • Best for a relaxing massage.
  • If you want deep skin penetration, bian stone is the perfect choice


The most popular stone is the Jade or as it is called the Nephrite Jade. Also, it is more affordable than the bian stone Gua Sha tools. Jade Gua Sha tools are the best for the women who want a soothing effect on their skin. Here are some other skin benefits that the jade stone provides.

  • Jade is said to have a unique qui energy that helps to balance the fluids beneath the skin.
  • Jade is naturally cooler and when rubbed against the skin, relaxes the muscles with a soothing feel.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the second most common gemstone used as a Gua Sha tool. It’s not only beautiful to look at but has some unique skin benefits as well. Some of the benefits are.

  • Many people believe that the Rose quartz crystal align the chakras and open one’s heart to self-care.
  • If you have acne or sensitive skin, go for the rose quartz Gua Sha tool
  • Rose quartz works at its best when kept in the freezer; it helps the stone to induce a soothing effect in the skin.

Buffalo Horn

Although the buffalo horn Gua Sha tool is not the first choice for many people, it still exists in few markets. Here are some properties of the Buffalo horn Gua Sha tool.

  • It is fragile and easily breaks
  • The surface is rough, so for those who have sensitive skin should avoid using this one


One of the most desired stones due to its popularity among the therapeutic community - the amethyst stone gives you an ideal skin. Some of the well-known benefits of amethyst are

  • It is known to release the tension in jaw and temple muscles
  • Produces cooling effects
  • Limits inflammation to a great extent


So these are some of the most popular materials for Gua Sha tool, which one would you like to try?