Is your Gua Sha & Facial Roller Real?

Is your Gua Sha & Facial Roller real

With all the buzz created by social media, Gua Sha tools and jade rollers are flooding everyone's feed. Influencers swear by it, and many of us have one at home too. But is your jade roller real?

In today’s world, it is easy to make and sell fake products. These phony pieces have an uncanny resemblance to authentic products and it is hard to tell their differences. We end up with plastic rollers on the market as their irresistible price tags never fail to attract buyers.

It’s time to get your stones and rollers and check if they are real.

Rose Quartz Essential Wellness Kit

How to know if your Jade tool is real?

Usually, Jade is heavy and feels cool to touch. They are durable and do not crack or squeak after a few uses.

Here is how you can tell if your Jade roller is crafted from real crystals:

  • Check the label. Real jade is named as jadeite or nephrite. If the label does not mention any of these names; it's not jade.
  • Jade is delicate. If you accidentally knock your roller off, real jade will break.
  • Imperfections. Jade is green, and they can be dark or light shades of green. Real jade stones have patterns, lines, or dots on them. If your jade looks flawless, it might be fake.
  • Temperature. Jade stones are cool to touch at room temperature. After use, they cool down quickly. If your roller feels warm during use, it is unlikely to be jade. Real Jade Gua Sha delivers an authentic massage experience.

How to know if your rose quartz is real?

Rose quartz is a pinkish stone that is used for Gua Sha stones and rollers.
Note that real gemstones are not smooth or even colored. Instead of a solid color, they have a streak-like pattern that runs through the stone. Their surfaces might not be smooth as well. 

Here is how you can find out if your rose quartz is fake:

  • Bubbles. If your rose quartz tool has air bubbles, it is likely to be fake. Real crystals do not have air bubbles in them.
  • Imperfections. Crystals are not smooth, and they certainly do not have an even color. Authentic rose quartz has color streaks in them. If you look closely and spot some color patterns (lines), your roller is real.
  • Cool surface. Crystals are cool to the touch. Even at room temperature, rose quartz is cool. Refrigerating your roller for a short period of time will get it cool enough to use. Additionally, if your roller feels warm at room temperatures, it's likely fake.

For us, we believe there are numerous benefits of a Gua Sha tool and Facial Roller. Our customer's ultimate favourite would be the 'Rose Quartz Essential Wellness', which provides a well-balanced and a soothing effect on skin while lifting and contouring the face. It is best for acne or sensitive skin.


Why you shouldn’t use fake products:

Rubbing a piece of colored glass on your skin every day will cause the chemicals in the dye to seep into your skin and cause discomfort. Any roller under $20 is likely to be fake.

The purpose of this ancient Chinese practice is to balance your yang with the yin. The cool jade stone is supposed to calm your yang. Using marble or glass will not give you the energy benefits. Your fake roller is keeping you away from an authentic Gua Sha experience.

Rubbing a glass is not the same as rubbing jade or rose quartz. In the long run, your skin might be irritated and cause breakouts. Furthermore, the gemstones may not be obtained through ethical means. This can pose a threat to the environment.

Where can I get authentic Gua Sha tools?

Look no further! At Guashaco, we focus on providing you with authentic and premium Gua Sha tools. We make all our products from authentic stone, hence there will be variations in their appearance, such as its pattern and color. Each kit from Guashaco comes with an authenticity certificate.