Gua Sha v.s Facial Roller: Which is better?

gua sha vs. facial roller

Gua Sha tools and Jade rollers are among the favorites of beauty vloggers and skin enthusiasts. These social tools have taken the internet by storm with their incredible benefits and soothing effect. However, many women are not taking the complete benefit of these tools due to the lack of correct information.


Many consider them the same and do not understand the difference where in reality; these are two different things that offer various benefits. So what are some major differences between Gua Sha and Jade Rollers? Here is a detailed comparison. 


Jade Rollers 

Jade rollers are facial tools best to get a quick fix. They are easy to handle and are mostly used for lymphatic drainage by massaging the face in a certain way. These Jade rollers specifically 


  • Stimulates the skin to detoxify it 
  • Improves the blood blow beneath the skin 
  • Provides a natural glow 
  • Uplift facial structures 
  • Decrease puffiness 



The main difference in Gua Sha and jade roller is of technique. It takes more time and expertise to use the Gua Sha right. But Jade rollers are easier to use. They also require less time and effort. Since both the tools are made of the same stones, it all comes down to how you use them. Jade rollers are a more preferable choice for women who do not get much time and are too busy to master the Gua Sha technique. 


Gua Sha 

Although Gua Sha and jade rollers are made from common materials, Gua Sha provides a deeper effect on the skin. You can trace back Gua Sha’s existence back to many centuries, as it is an ancient tool used to regulate the flow of energy beneath the skin. Gua Sha is considered to be more powerful when it comes to cleansing the skin diminishing the wrinkles. Many call it a better anti-ageing tool if one knows it how to use it correctly. 

Some benefits that Gua Sha provides are 


  • Produce a calming effect when massaged well 
  • Drain excess fluids and help opening blockage
  • Enhance complexion and and reduces acnes scarring 



Gua Sha is not only for the face. A Gua Sha massage can be done anywhere for the purpose of relaxation. But in order to make your Gua Sha tool effective you must learn the technique so that you can benefit fully from the advantages. 



It actually depends upon the stone and quality of the tool. Both Gua Sha and jade rollers come in a diverse variety and prices varies with the stone, structure and brand. 


Which One Is Better? 

Although both of the tools are an amazing addition to the skin care routine, Gua Sha is more effective and works deeper in the skin. However if you are someone who has got less time to master the art, Jade rollers are the perfect alternate.