Facial Roller 101

facial roller

For women who understand the importance of taking care of their skin through organic ways, knows a facial roller can be a great help to do so.

What is Facial Roller?

facial roller

A facial roller is a beautiful instrument, much like the gua sha tool - but structured more efficiently to massage your facial tissues. The facial rollers incorporate a jade or some other stone attached with a handle.

 Although facial roller and gua sha tool are here for centuries, we can trace back their existence to the seventh century, in China where people used these precious crystals to massage their skin. These rollers have now been transformed into more efficient, better-structured skincare instruments. The traditional Chinese derma rollers were made of gemstones with healing attributes like Jade, amethyst, and rose quartz.

Today facial roller has gained incredible popularity through social media as they promise definite results without the use of any chemicals substance that may be harmful to the skin. 


How does a Facial Roller Work? 

Facial rollers are not only about its delicate and beautiful in an aesthetic way - but it also promises innumerable skin benefits. The facial roller when stroked in a regular upward movement gives a cold sensation that limits the blood flow to a particular area, and channelizes the lymph, a fluid beneath the skin pressure pushes fluid, to the lymph nodes, which speed up the process of detoxing the skin. 

The right technique helps in relaxing the facial muscles and de-puffs the skin by giving a contoured effect if the massage is performed on a regular basis. 


How to Use a Facial Roller? 

Although Facial rollers can be generally used over the dry skin without applying anything before, it is better to use a moisturizer or serum. This can improve the ability of your skin to absorb the skin care products you apply. 

Many women also wonder about what the right way is to use a facial roller to get the best results. Here are some tips to improve the method of performing facial massage with a facial roller. 

  1. Massage your cheeks and jaw by place the wide end of the facial roller on your chin. Keep the pressure to mild level and then move it towards your ear. Stroke the area with facial roller 5,6 times
  2. Keep your movement regulated from the centre of the face upward and outward. This way, the rolling stone will channelize fluids toward your lymph nodes, accelerating the fluid drainage。
  3. While massaging the area under the eyes, apply slight pressure and stroke the roller from the inner eye to the outer corner. For best results, one should massage 10 – 15 times repetitively. 


The facial rollers are easy to use, have no side effects, and are the perfect natural way to make your skin glow - there is just no reason not to try it!